Colorado Attractions

With all the natural beauty and things to do outside like camping, hiking, fishing, and skiing it is a wonder locals have any time left to enjoy man made attractions in the region. However, there are a host of national and local companies working hard to make sure you can have a good time in this area. The state fair is held annually in Pueblo with a carnival and several concerts spanning almost a week. Several theme and water parks are poised with roller coasters, ferris wheels, and water slides at the ready. And there are a host of other shows, rodeos, concerts, and the like that don't make this short list. We have chosen to show you some of the Roller Coasters and other attraction parks to take the kids for a Coney Island style time.

Until recently, Elitch Gardens was located on 38th street and was one of the original amusement parks in the region. It was recently aquired by the Six Flags entertainment group. The new owners have relocated the park downtown adjacent to the new Pepsi Center and across Interstate 25 from the new Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium. The transformation came complete with larger than life rides and a host of new attractions. The heritage hasn't been completely lost, with impressive gardens similar to their progenitors still dotting the landscape.

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Elitch Gardens

Lakeside Amusement Park

North Pole City

Ocean Journey

Royal Gorge Bridge

State Fair

Water World